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VR Is Changing the Way That We Eat Out

Virtual Reality is a relatively new concept, at least it is in the way in which we now use it. It’s now not that uncommon to see two people seemingly together in a room, but miles apart in alternate universes, playing VR games and watching VR dating videos thanks to the likes of Oculus or Samsung VR gear. While VR is changing the way in which we communicate and spend time together, it’s also changing the way we eat out. It’s a strange concept, but it’s one that seems to be bringing in the younger generation in their masses.


There is a multitude of projects underway set to change the way in which we eat out, the first of which is called Kokiri Lab in Los Angeles. With the use of virtual reality, it can make you believe you are eating a T-bone steak. In reality, you’re chowing down on agar or gum. Kokiri Lab has teamed up with food scientists, chefs, and sensory researchers to create an entirely new way of eating and visualizing food. A virtual reality headset changes your environment and visual perception, while sound and smell diffusers work to alter your other senses – right down to bone-crunching audio.

Then there’s Sublimotion in Spain. This restaurant has a strong focus on VR, offering a table experience with food “flying” at you and alternate environments to the tune of over $2,000 per plate. If you don’t have the budget for the full experience, you can utilize your own VR equipment, visiting local cafes and restaurants to meet up with other like-minded people, watch VR dating videos, play games together, and so much more.


One of the most significant changes in virtual reality, however, is the trend toward entertainment with dinner. Many years ago, it was not uncommon to go out on a Friday night for “dinner and a show.” Establishments always made a point of ensuring you had something to enjoy besides your dinner. As times changed, dinner became more about eating and enjoying each other’s company, which means that entertainers were left on the sidelines.

Virtual reality has brought that concept back, and while you can enjoy it at home while watching VR dating videos and playing games, restaurants are now also using it to enhance their dining experience. Imagine being able to change the décor without ever having to lift a finger or grab a paintbrush? What’s more, how cool would it be to be able to create a themed restaurant that can make you look like you’re eating off a golden plate, or drinking out of a goblet when you’re really not?

We used to look at the humble TV with amazement at how field experts managed to turn black and white moving pictures into color. Now, however, we are seeing how something that’s not there has you believing it is – all through the use of technology and virtual reality. Virtual reality is going to be a game changer in the years to come.